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The My Nanny Story...

Author Shelley Nonanda Harris of My Nanny Books holding two of her works "Living with the Lions" and "Invisible Elephants"

Kia ora,

Thanks for stopping by,

My Nanny Books started around eight years ago when I had some time on my hands and realised that there was hole in the market where self-help books for the young belonged. As a teacher who has taught across all levels of school in the New Zealand Curriculum for over 20 years I found that I had a willing audience to critique my work. I also found that the feedback gained from students of all ages was overwhelmingly positive and triggered many worthwhile conversations. The books now offered on this website are a reflection of my own experiences, growing up in less-than-conventional circumstances, and the pearls of wisdom that come from adulthood. It is my hope that you will read these books and make use of them either to help yourself, or another person, grow through the difficulties that life sometimes presents us with.

Kia kaha, Nanny xx

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