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My Nanny Books

Books to help us grow

My Nanny Books can be a powerful tool for helping young children deal with challenging situations, including living with alcoholic family members, understanding adoption, living in mixed family environments, having fears about starting school, and learning to be brave. These books can provide children with positive reinforcement, teach them coping mechanisms, and help them feel less alone in their struggles.

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Real experiences have brought these books alive. Books about living with alcoholic family members can help children understand that their family member's behavior is not their fault and can teach them strategies for dealing with their feelings. Books about adoption can help adopted children feel more secure and loved, while books about mixed families can help children understand that families come in all shapes and sizes. Books about starting school can help children feel less anxious and more confident, while books about bravery can teach children the importance of facing their fears and taking risks. By providing children with these tools and resources, My Nanny children's books can help them navigate difficult situations and build resilience for the future.


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Book with a octopus-monster illustration,  title "The Patchwork Family"  by Shelley Nonanda Harris.

What would you do if you found that you were all alone in the world without anyone to share ice creams, or adventures, or hugs with?

If you are not sure, and you need a little advice on how to sort out a problem like this, read on and let little monster show you how to make a patchwork family. You will never be lonely again!

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